I write and draw books for children. I also created Disney's animated show, The Replacements.



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Behind the scenes photo shoot for art reference for Dog In Charge written by @KLGoing (Taken with Instagram)

Coming in October “Guys Read: The Sports Pages”

I was given the great honor of illustrating this amazing anthology edited by Jon Scieszka

Coming in September! Viva la Kel!

I was playing catch with my little clone this morning

The recent Crate & Barrel Spring Catalog The grill What the?

My assistant was looking through the recent Crate & Barrel catalog for photo reference when he decided he was working too hard and decided to jump into the catalog and get a little R&R. If you see him in your catalog please tell him to come home.

APRIL FOOLS CLONE! To teach my assistant a lesson about goofing off during work hours I swapped out the Mac’s computer camera with an actual face morphing device.

After my clone got me off of jury duty I restored his head back to normal-…… Crap.

I recently had my assistant serve jury duty for me. I kept his giant head around for a few days for him to use as an excuse to be dismissed. (Which he did) Good assistant.

The assistant now has a normal sized body but the head is still huge. One more minor tweak and I think we’re set.

The growth ray gun has almost been perfected.

A minor setback while trying to restore my assistant back to normal size. Growth ray guns are hard to build. Oops.

For those of you who wondered if my clone ate a lot now that he’s small.

My assistant belted out his first thumbnail sketch today. Not too shabby.

I asked my assistant to make the bed this morning. He was not expecting to find the cat.

Less than one week with my assistant and I accidentally shrink him with what I thought was a toy shrink ray gun. What else can go wrong?

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